Camping can be a lot of fun when you are with friends or family. Going out to remote locations to enjoy a night out under the stars can be an unforgettable experience. All of us want something new and unique all the while. The camping trip will be more enjoyable if you plan it well.

When you go for primitive camping at an off-the-grid location, take your portable generator along so you can use the coffee pot, slow cooker, lights, fans, and mosquito repellents. These days you can find some very nice tents online at a low price. If you have an RV, why not go for RV camping on the next long weekend? Those who do not own an RV can rent one for a few days to enjoy a good time in the open air. These days, cities are polluted and the fresh air at a camping site will do your lungs well.

For campers some of the top destinations in the country are:

• Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
• Biscayne National Park, Florida.
• Acadia National Park, Maine.
• Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.
• Yosemite National Park, California.
• Bethy Creek Resort, Texas.

Most campers like to enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, boating and fishing at these sites. The only thing is that at the National Parks you are on your own. In Texas, the Bethy Creek Resort located on Lake Livingston offers better amenities than any National Park. You have the onsite managers who take care of all your needs. They are at your beck and call throughout your stay. In one spot you can find RV parking, boat storage, courts, primitive camping, pier, swimming beach, boat rentals, store, a pavilion for gatherings, a hall, fishing, wakeboarding, Jet Ski, hotel, and cabins. The onsite picnic tables and barbeque pits can be used to prepare and serve dinner. The tent sites are shaded by trees so campers can stay cool in summers.

Lake Livingston Camping

Lake Livingston is very popular for its fishing. Bethy Creek is a family-owned resort located right on its banks just outside Huntsville, Texas. This getaway is perfect for families who are looking for an affordable spot to benefit from the great outdoors. At the hotel, you will feel at home with all the modern home comforts while the cabins give families more space to move around. This resort also has free Wi-Fi so you can keep connected with friends and the workplace.

Start the day with swimming in the cool and clear waters then try your hand at fly fishing. If you run out of bait, walk into the onsite store to buy some more. The sporty kind can have an adventurous time wakeboarding, skiing, and jet-skiing.  There are also onsite courts where you can play volleyball and basketball. Lake Livingston camping offers a great diversion for people of all ages.

If you like wine, visit the nearby Froggy Wines to check out their new wine creations. If the wine makes you hungry, step into Daisy’s Diner popular for its large portions. Order the mouthwatering large burgers or the chicken fried steak. To enjoy the local Mexican flavors stop by at Frank’s Taco Station. Try their tantalizing tacos, onion rings, fried fish and shrimps.


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