Most of us are dreaming or itching to finally travel, be it at home with a staycation, or abroad. When doing so, there are always ways we can consider helping the environment, no matter how small.

One way is to ditch plastic-containers which have become ubiquitous with travelling. Useful as they are for decanting, they are part of the plastic consumption problem with 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean every year.


One company has found a way to provide a move away from plastic and single-plastic use by providing a more environmentally friendly and stylish way of transporting skincare products from the bathroom to the hotel or guest bathroom.

The Karry premium travel set with its glossy glass dropper bottles and jars is according to the founder, Ginny Roberts, “stylishly conscious.” Born out of a passion for skincare products, a love of travelling and an opposition to plastics and “the frustration of toiletry confiscations at airports!”.


With planet-friendly materials, The Karry sets out to make packing bulky toiletries a thing of the past. The compact travel set comes as a set of six glass reusable, refillable and washable bottles and jars for dispensing larger must-have skincare products into the smaller containers. The set also features handy accessories to help look after the items so they can be re-used time and time again. All the items are neatly packaged in a bright ultra-stunning clear bag made of biodegradable materials.

With the average UK woman possessing twenty-four beauty products at one time and spending £400 a year on skincare products. The Karry travel set has mastered the art of travelling with your must-have, cannot leave, skincare in an environmentally responsible way whilst maintaining the efficacy of the products. Marketed as a premium item, it retails at £49.99, a small investment for a beautiful travel set that can be reused again and again.


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