As one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in this day and age, Hong Kong is the perfect destination for avid travelers who like to explore the world. With so many people living there and tourists running around the town, this is also one of the most hectic places to visit. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of hidden spots where you can enjoy some peaceful time and learn more about Asian culture. If you’re planning to visit Hong Kong, there are many ways to make this trip successful, especially if you want to save time and visit all the popular destinations. The main benefit most people point out is that this is the perfect place for any type of traveler – from foodie lovers wanting to try all the specials to nature lovers who wish to see the beauty of this town.

Getting around

It takes a while until you learn where all the landmarks are and are able to learn where to go and how to get around the city. The most popular way of transportation is the bus and this is also the cheapest way to get around the city. You can buy an Octopus card that will make your payment easier and you’ll also get many discounts in different shops and museums using it.

The ferries and trams are also great ways to move from one place to another, and you’ll see the map of the city displayed everywhere in them, which is quite useful. You can also opt for a taxi or an Uber, but be prepared to pay a bit more, especially if you don’t know where you’re going.

Food to try

Street food is a part of the culture here and you’ll see all types of people eating on the street. From families to business people in suits, this is a daily routine in Asia. The best way to find the best food stands is to follow the locals and see where they’re eating. Usually, places that are crowded with tourists are popular because of culinary shows and celebrities, and the locals avoid having to wait for hours to eat there.

Another thing you should do is explore different foods and all the ingredients that go into a particular dish because there are some ingredients that aren’t on the menu, but are still amazing and delicious. Stand aside on the sidewalk and listen to the vibrant conversation between the stand owners and the customers, see how they prepare and eat the food, and that will help you learn so much about the Asian culture.

Where to stay

Many travelers like to stay close to the action to save money and time on transportation, so they opt for accommodation in prime locations. You need to look for the best accommodation and book in advance because it can be tough to find a place to stay with all those tourists pouring into Hong Kong.

If you want to have a private space with all the luxuries of safety measurements and things like the kitchen and the laundry service, finding a service apartment in Hong Kong is what you need to look for. This will make your stay easier and you’ll be close to all the shops and restaurants.

Shop smartly

It’s no surprise that Hong Kong is expensive and tourists usually end up spending way more money than they’ve expected. This is why you must be careful with your budget and prevent any impulsive shopping.

The biggest part of your budget will go to the food, so think about setting a daily budget for trying out the delicious food, but be prepared to cook something yourself and save some money that way. When it comes to shopping, there are many shopping malls you can explore and buy trendy clothes, knowing that Hong Kong is one of the world leaders when it comes to fashion.

Make a list of all the must-see locations and enjoy the beauty this city has to offer. Find deals when it comes to getting free museum tickets, bargaining in the shops, and eating at local food stands. After your first visit, you’ll start planning your next trip here, and Hong Kong will soon become your favorite location.


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