Long flights could feel like a time in limbo. Sometimes you feel bad, you curse the crying baby, sigh at the sight of the food and then try in vain to find some sleep. However, a long flight does not necessarily mean suffering.

If you have to ​travel a long distance​, you can just sit back, relax and make the most of it. You can try to turn the inevitable into pleasure and learn to appreciate your time of flight. After all, flying is a special situation in which you can use everything you have available to your full advantage. You can learn to find the silver lining if you get stuck in your seat for many hours.

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1. Wear comfortable clothes:

If you want to sleep during the flight, try to wear clothes that are as close to the pajamas as possible. Loose-fitting shirts, comfortable jeans, flats or tennis shoes and a hoodie are my on-board uniform. We definitely want to avoid putting something in your skin – and you definitely want to avoid the example of Lady Gaga, whose legs began to swell because she was trying to rock the plane in an extremely tight and kilometer-tall outfit.

2. Escape the noise:

For long flights, noise-canceling ​headphones are the best​ thing ever. As soon as you are allowed to operate electronic devices, switch on your headset and enjoy a ride without the glitches of the aircraft engines and all the other noises that occur with too many people in a narrow area. If you do not have noise canceling headphones and you do not want to invest in them yet, bring earplugs.

3. Dodge the light:

If you want to sleep during the flight, bring a sleep mask. By simply putting on the headset and the sleep mask, you can also mentally prepare yourself to sleep during the flight.

4. Drink enough water:

During the flight, it is important to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Avoid alcohol, tea or coffee. Alcohol impairs your sleep ability, as do caffeinated drinks. In addition, these drinks dehydrate while your body needs just the opposite. After security at the airport, take a big bottle of water and try to finish it at the end of your flight.

5. Hydrate your skin:

Air quality in the cabin can be detrimental to your skin. Before you go anywhere, be gentle with your body and apply some cream on your face, lips, and hands – wherever you would apply extra to go for a walk on a winter’s day.

6. Refuel a green juice at the airport:

Nothing is as positive about your energy as the effect of a cup of fresh green juice. Airports are full of juice bars these days. Give yourself the opportunity to try something delicious that is good for you. If you do not find a juice bar, most newspaper kiosks also sell bottled green juices and/or smoothies. The more vegetables, the better!

7. Use your time wisely:

If you plan to watch three films during your flight because you absolutely love movies, that’s fine. However, if you only look at them because you do not know what else to do, you should plan the time in advance during your flight. If you get sick during the flight, do not force yourself to do the actual work. Instead, look for a relaxing and soothing activity that will make your time more enjoyable. I use my flight time to read books for which I do not always have enough time, and if I do that now, I’m looking forward to flying.

8. Get a good seat:

Before your departure, check online where your seat is. Do you prefer a window seat where you can lean your head against the wall in your sleep, or a walkway where you can walk around as much as you like? Try to change your seat in advance according to your wishes. Sometimes you could find two empty spaces, which could mean extra space for you. Keep in mind, however, that delays and cancellations can cause the empty seats to be full anyway.

9. Bring socks:

Take a pair of socks and keep your feet warm and cuddly. Make sure they are loose enough so that your legs have no rubber band marks.

10. Save miles, get an upgrade:

If you travel regularly on the same route, stick to an airline and save miles. Not only can you spend those miles at some point, but you can also build privileges. It starts with boarding earlier and goes to the point where you are treated like a VIP, making your long flight more enjoyable. US residents may even be able to save miles with a credit card.


Stop worrying about lost time traveling, and take this opportunity to enjoy the time you have for yourself. Do not consider your travel time as a useless vacuum in terms of time and space, but fill it with activities that you do not have to do too often at home.


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