In this article, you will find a way to stop bad habits. So we should get an idea about Habits before we try to find ways to stop a bad habit. Also, you will find a simple and proven way to change your Bad Habit to a Good Habit.

It will be easy to stop a bad habit when we get a clear understanding of Habit.

What is a Habit?

Habits are something we do regularly for a long time. When we do some action for a long time, our brain will add that action to autopilot mode. So after that, we will do that action even without thinking about it.

So those actions are our habits.

How The Action Become a Habit?

Usually, all habits start because of a reason. As an example,

You have a habit of spend time on social media. So this action becomes a Habit because you do this more than one time. Probably, loneliness is the reason to spend time on social media. So when you feel alone, you spend time on social media. But the issue is you will spend time on social media even you don’t feel alone.

The reason is, you will get reword in your habits. It means you get a fantastic feeling when you scroll up and down on social media. In other words, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine.

We feel good when we get comments and likes on social media. The reason for this feeling is dopamine. When time past, we addicted to dopamine. So we addicted to spending time on social media habits.

You didn’t addict to social media. You addicted to dopamine.

stop smoking

There has dopamine generates ingredients on cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs. That is the reason for people addicted to drugs.

As I told before, It will easy to stop bad habits and start good habits when we get scientific understanding about Habits. So now we have in-depth & scientific knowledge about Habit.

How to Stop Bad Habits?

If we want to stop bad habits, we have to destroy Repetition, Reason and Reword.

As the first step, You can decrease repetition. It means you can limit spend time on social media.

When you try to limit repetition, your brain autopilot mode will destroy. After that, your Bad Habit is no longer a habit. It will become a conscious choice. In other words, you have to do it consciously. So your Habit will stop automatically.

After that, we have to understand the reason for the Bad Habit.

If you addicted to alcohol and other kinds of drugs, probably the reason for that is stress or depression. So if you can find a different solution to anxiety, you will be able to reduce your alcohol and drug usage.

After that, you can replace the reword.

As I told before, dopamine is one of the main reasons for habits. So we can use dopamine to build new good habits. You can get the same feeling of drugs like cigarette and alcohol by exercising. So you can get a gym membership and hit on the gym to build your body.


So if you repeat the Habit of going to the gym and exercise, it will become a habit without you know about it. When time passes, you will be addicted to exercise. So at that time, you will completely forget your previous Bad Habit. Reason for that, You are addicted to new and good habits.

So those are the step to change your Bad Habit and start new habits. Try to use this method and build good habits. Good habits will help you to achieve your goals and become a successful person.

I hope you get valuable information here. Click here to read more self-development articles. Thank you for reading.


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