Start the new year with a revitalised minimal look featuring a refreshing green palette.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 3 ways to incorporate wellness-inspired styles at home.

1. Create a sanctuary in the bedroom with relaxing sage

Caro Double Bed - £329.99 -
Caro Double Bed – £329.99 –

Prioritise rest and relaxation with a tranquil light green hue in the bedroom. “Choosing a colour we associate with peace, nature and relaxation will help reconnect us to the present moment and ground the home. A light green shade such as sage with its calming and serene elements will help set the mood for sleep,” Rebecca explains. “Layer comfy textures and fabrics such as cotton or linen on a soft fabric bed for a rejuvenating rest.”

“Dedicate a corner designed for regaining balance with the help of a yoga mat and indoor plants. This quiet sanctuary focuses on unwinding and acts as a retreat from the outside world.”

2. Reset with a refreshing green palette and clean minimalist accents

Harlow L Shape Grey Fabric Sofa - £1099.99 -
Harlow L Shape Grey Fabric Sofa – £1099.99 –

Bring balance and calm to the living room with a soothing green palette. “Introduce green walls in the living room for a refreshing touch,” Rebecca says. “Emphasise comfort by pairing the walls with cosy textures in light neutrals such as a grey fabric sofa and light grey rug.”

Furniture And Choice
Furniture And Choice

“A green palette is also beneficial if you have a work corner in the living room as it will help you recharge. Unwind with other natural elements such as indoor plants, wooden accents and soothing artwork. Focus on clean lines such as with a black coffee table or smart work desk for a chic, minimal look.”

3. Energise the kitchen-diner by bringing the outdoors inside

Franklin Dining Table and Benches - £849.99 -
Franklin Dining Table and Benches – £849.99 –

Highlight green’s fresh and lively qualities in the kitchen-diner. “According to colour psychology, green is associated with optimism and promotes healthy living. Reflect these natural aspects through green walls and lush indoor plants,” Rebecca says. “Keep your windows clear to let natural light stream in.” A clutter-free space will also be an added boost to your wellbeing, so prioritise storage and clean counters in the kitchen. Opt for natural materials where possible, like a stylish grey wood dining table and bench for a laid-back feel.


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