Planet Nature, the online lifestyle retailer offering solely Fairtrade products made from locally sourced natural materials has launched in the UK market. The brand is offering a range of plastic free shopping bags, market bags, baskets for home and yoga bags encouraging behavioural change in everyday life. Their aim is to promote responsible consumerism and new materials that help to reduce water and plastic pollution and fight climate change.

The artisan techniques used in making of the products are focused on better ways of manufacturing, with no excess use of water, electricity and gas, and encouraging consumers to get closer to nature as well as reduce their environmental impact. Each Planet Nature product is handmade, reflecting the unique style of the artisan and bringing to life their skills, with individual stitch and embroidery representing many years of traditional weaving art, now reflected in modern products. All products are made from natural materials, farmed in sustainable ways without chemicals and only using natural dyes.

“Our products have an ownership mentality instead of disposable fast fashion. We want our products to be used over and over again, and at the end of use, the products are biodegradable and don’t cause environmental damage.”

, said Sabina Khan, Founder of Planet Nature.


Planet Nature’s passion for reducing water pollution is at the forefront of material sourcing and supply chain, as well as giving a fair workspace to women to allow them to work regularly in safe conditions with fair wages, challenging oppression, domestic violence and inequality.

“Having lived and travelled extensively across the Far East and South East Asia for over ten years, one abiding memory above all others remained with me – the people. It was with them in mind that we developed Planet Nature as a way of helping support them and their way of life. By encouraging the craftspeople and artisans of these regions to develop a range of sustainable and Fairtrade products, and by delivering these quality goods at a fair price to our customers, we are helping to uplift local villages and towns. I always remember the Rana Plaza blazing and bringing down the seven floors of the clothes factory, and killing 1,100 factory workers, mostly women. This is the cost of fast fashion.”,

added Sabina.

The pandemic has highlighted key vulnerabilities in supply chains and has put the value of sustainability into sharp focus. By introducing quality products as a way of showing responsibility both to customers and artisans, Planet Nature aspires to drive long term change in consumer behaviour. The product range also includes a reusable and washable line of fruit, vegetable and grocery bags to encourage consumers to buy better and drive plastic-free shopping initiatives for retailers.

“What makes our products stand out? Simply put, the design and durability with low environmental impact produced in an ethical way. We are about high quality, instead of mass production, low cost, high volume and high environmental impact.”,

concluded Sabina.


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