Revolutionize Your Wellness Routine

Avide Home, a leading retailer of premium home and wellness products, is thrilled to announce the addition of HUUM sauna heaters to its curated collection. Designed to revolutionize your sauna sessions, HUUM combines ancient Estonian sauna wisdom, cutting-edge technology, and award-winning Nordic design.


Elevate Your Sauna Sessions with Unmatched Design

HUUM sauna heaters are not just functional but a work of art. With a pure Nordic design that enhances the natural beauty of sauna stones, these heaters bring your sauna interior to life. The design has also been recognized internationally, bagging the prestigious RedDot product design award.

Control Your Comfort from Your Smartphone

In an era where convenience is key, HUUM takes your sauna experience to the next level. With the innovative HUUM mobile app, you can control your sauna settings with just a few clicks, even before you get home.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

HUUM’s ability to unite age-old Estonian sauna wisdom with modern technology sets it apart. The result is a mild, healthy steam experience that respects tradition while embracing the future.


Quality Craftsmanship, Made in Estonia

Every HUUM sauna heater is developed and produced in Estonia, meeting high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Avide Home is proud to bring this level of excellence to its customers.

Avide Home is a leading retailer specializing in premium home and wellness products. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Avide Home offers a curated collection of products to enhance your living experience.


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