The 10 Best Pillow Box Packaging Ideas for the Spring of 2019

Best Pillow Box Packaging Ideas

The Blue Robbin perched dreamily in the sanctuary garden, as a shower of psychedelic light drizzled like a descending gospel, as if from the last attic of Heaven. I walked pensively around the little secret garden, chanting a few garden verses, after spending a beautiful Thistles Valentines’ Day in our eclectically dappled parish. The hypnotic colors of the florets bloomed and cavorted, as an absorbing mist of love sprang magically in the dewy air. Being a devout county girl, it was time for me to throw a tiny rustic get-together for the oldies of my family, the dear uncles and aunts and my friends for the coming Easter Day. As the Easter bells jingle nearer and nearer, like an enchanting spell brewing in the joyous time of love and togetherness, I decided to create the finest works of bundled art this year. I have a flair for fashioning gorgeous looking stuff ever since I was quite young and no wonder, people always love my creativity.

Best Pillow Box Packaging Ideas

Are you trying to comb the most innovative ideas to glam up your next gift giving avatar? If that’s the case, go for the best pillow box ideas that personify gift wrapping to all kinds of gifts. I’ve recently opened a gift shop known as Trinkets and Truffles in Boston and during the last Valentine’s Day, a lot of people flocked to my little gift corner, all thanks to the exquisite packaging! I chose a rich range of packaging ideas plucked from different websites and apps and of all the things, I loved the custom pillow boxes the most!

Pillow boxes easily wrap all kinds of delicious looking gifts, such as the gourmet chocolates, teas, coffees, candies, soaps, candles, charm bracelets and other pieces of artificial jewelry and a lot more! Hence, as wide as your imagination can wander, I’ve all the dreamy gifts waiting to be unfurled by eager hands and as they lay tucked in my little curiosity shop, I had like to share these pristine ideas with you that are currently spreading waves in the marketing niche. Trending and trudging like an overpowering rage, making businesses flourish like never before.

Pillow boxes are quite durable too use and due to the ease of handling, they serve as one of the most convenient packaging options for party favors and other casual stuff, too. They can be easily personalized according to tailor made custom demands, as per one’s penchant and nowadays, they are seamlessly made vividly. They can be easily printed, deploying a bevy of charismatic colors and they can never fail to captivate anyone.

Look at these spellbinding pillow boxes and I’m sure you would be blown off your feet due to their mesmeric appearance.

1.Shabby Chic Pillow Boxes

As I often love the vintage stuff inspired by the beautiful shabby chic cottages of the eclectic epoch of the 1980s, I collected a lot of the quaint looking prints that were extensively used as the talismanic wonders in the cottage chic corners. I loved the beautiful French prints of rosebuds and other flowers, and I often use these themes to adorn my shop as well as gift them to old aged customers.

Best Pillow Box Packaging Ideas Shabby Chic

2.A Lacy Vignette Pillow Box

I loved this vignette of a lace embroidering the edges of a brown colored Kraft paper pillow box, and as you can see in the picture, it is personified as a wedding favor. The creator of this wonderful idea has tied up a cute, vintage key with a piece of white thread and surely, this is one of the best favor ideas for a wedding gift.

Best Pillow Box Packaging Ideas Lacy

3.The Little Pillow Box Handbags

If you like to present the naivest message of love to voice your humbleness, well, then you can simply choose this elegantly designed pillow bag designed as a sweet, little handbag and give it to the bonny missies and mademoiselles out there on Easter! The designer seems to have created baroque looking flowers printed on the Kraft paper and tied it up with dry floral arrangements and a bit of intricately patterned lace and cut outs of tiny, perched birds onto the favor box. It is a great idea for a vintage garden party.

4.Owl Stamped Pillow Favors

To store the candies and chocolates, or anything cutely small, you can use this funky looking pillow box in the form of an owl inspired theme onto the box. You can use these owl themed boxes for the Halloween parties, too.

Owl Stamped Pillow Favors

5.Map Themed Pillow Box

If you are trying to gift something formal, you can always instrument this map design for your pillow favor box.

Map Themed Pillow Box

6.The Aureate Favors

For the customers who prefer the flamboyant looking favors or rather extravagantly made pillow boxes to gift something like chocolates and truffles, you can always prefer a magnetically golden box and tie it up with a plain ribbon.

The Aureate Favors

7.Father’s Day Pillow Favor

If you love your dad and find him as the most inspirational man in the world, here is the perfect slipper shaped pillow favor box for him! Fill it with a few chocolates and any other sweetmeat and put it on his table as a surprise gift!

Father’s Day Pillow Favor

8.Mason Jar Packaging as a R.S.V.P Invitation

You can get your R.S.V.P invitations printed like cute mason jars and send the most endearing invitations in the town by choosing this unique idea!

Mason Jar Packaging as a R.S.V.P Invitation

9.The Exotic Tea Party Favor Boxes

If you are opening a tearoom or a bread and butter inn soon, you can always go for these tea party inspired pillow boxes to package a few cookies and other tea party goods.

The Exotic Tea Party Favor Boxes

10.Valentine’s Day and Wedding Favors

The Exotic Tea Party Favor Boxes

If you want to gift something special to a loved one on a wedding or a Valentine’s Day, gift this beautifully designed pillow box in the form of an old-fashioned trunk and fill it with charming gifts to voice your undying love!


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