Style your Home for the Festive season

It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here’s how to make the most important rooms in your home ready for the festive season style. Naturewall talk through tips for style and hosting in your home.

festive style
A Minimalist Christmas

Naturewall recommends opting for a minimalist approach with decorations in order to maximize your space. It’s important to introduce festive touches without making the room feel busy and overcrowded, especially if it’s an entertaining space.

festive style

Choose a colour pallet and stick to it. When we create cohesion and consistency it elevates the design as there’s purpose behind every element. Naturewall has paired Washed Oak SlatWall with festive foliage, metallics and freshly lit candles. The warmth in the accessories pull out the warmth in the wood without overpowering the minimal style of the room.

festive style

Hotel Luxury at Home

festive style

Don’t forget about the guest bedroom! Naturewall recommends introducing SlatWall or Peel & Stick planks to achieve the feel of a Chalet Ski lodge in the Alps…but at home. Ensure your guest bedroom is full of home comforts ready for your family to enjoy over the festive period.

New Year’s Eve

festive style

When hosting it’s important to make the effort for your guests. Naturewall suggests getting creative and filling the table with both food and decorative touches, replacing Christmas candles with twinkling lights and metallics! Presenting your food on wooden boards and ensuring glasses are always full is an easy way to create a party atmosphere in a festive style.


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