As we head towards the holidays, practical gifts are on top of many lists this year. For now, experiences and products that are meant for the outside world just don’t seem like the right path. Instead, people are looking for gifts that they can use in their day-to-day, to help master a hobby they’ve picked up, or something to make being at home more enjoyable.

With that said, a new pair of glasses could be just what the holidays ordered, and Coastal has what you need at affordable prices. With on-trend styles for everyone and prices so low you can get yourself a pair, you’ll want to check out top picks like these…

The Derek Cardigan Spruce glasses get playful with texture to create a statement-making silhouette that will bring a fun finish to whatever you’re wearing. The plastic d-frame shape has a classic appeal, while the metal nose bridge and arms bring a flash of modern flair.

Beautiful eyes deserve to be seen, and the Carlow glasses from Main + Central nail the transparent trend we’re seeing so much these days. Elegantly made of lightweight acetate to draw attention and enhance your current style effortlessly.

The Bantry glasses combine the best of vintage-inspired elements, featuring a d-frame shape with a slightly rounded finish and a keyhole nose bridge. Retro yet versatile, they’ll pair effortlessly with everything from jeans to formalwear.

Too Young for Bifocals? Coastal Has Your Covered

After a certain age, many of us find our eyes changing and for some we develop presbyopia, which makes it difficult to focus on objects close to you. This usually means it’s time for bifocals; but what if you find yourself in this position long before you’re ready to succumb to the bifocal look?

For those still wanting to keep up with the times and don’t want to mess with that pesky visible “bifocal line”, multifocal contact lenses, also known as progressive contact lenses, are the answer.

Thanks to technological advances in lens technology, multifocal contacts can accommodate multiple prescriptions in the same lens, helping you see clearly at a range of distances with no effort.


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