This September, Voice International is launching its brand new collection inspired by Uganda, the company’s country of origin.

Uganda is where Voice began, and this collection celebrates everything that founder and designer Natasha Katumba loves about the country. The collection was inspired by beans: their naturally different shapes, lines, textures and colours.

Voice International

Voice is an independent jewellery and clothing company that exists to empower women through creative employment. Each and every product is handmade in Uganda, by an artisan who has developed the skills to design and create beautiful products, from jewellery and hair accessories, to bags and kimonos.

Voice International

The exciting new Origin collection features ten stunning, handcrafted pieces including earrings, necklaces, bangles and a hair piece. The designs are made from brass and Ankole, and feature Voice’s first venture with Batik.

“What is specifically very special about this collection is that it has all been designed virtually and collaboratively. Our creative team in the UK and our artisans worked together on the designs, but the artisans had to make everything on their own,”

says Natasha.

“We’ve pulled off what we believe is our best collection yet, during a time of global uncertainty, and every element originated in Uganda.”

Voice International

Origin will be to available stockists from 7th September and online from September 19th.


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