Whether it’s wrapped up under the tree for someone who loves to cook, or in the kitchen ready to help with all the roast dinner preparations this Winter, the MEATER smart wireless meat thermometer is the perfect kitchen gadget for Christmas 2021.

As families look forward to being back around the table together, the traditional Christmas dinner will be the highlight of the day this year. Avoid dry turkey or it being pink in the middle and wow your dinner guests with perfectly cooked meat as MEATER ensures you #roastitright.


Thanks to a patented smart-guided cooking system providing estimated cooking times and resting times, you can plan ahead and set your mind to all the trimmings and spending time with your friends and family while the MEATER monitors the turkey for you. It will even send alerts to your mobile device, such as when your meat has reached perfection. Simply connect the MEATER to any smartphone or tablet.

MEATER ensures safe, succulent and satisfying results every time. Whether that be for cooking a heart-warming roast for family and friends, roasting the turkey, ham or goose on Christmas day, or for those summer BBQs.

Tech lovers will enjoy the feature rich app, busy parents can enjoy the freedom to get on with other tasks, and budding chefs have access to a massive, subscription-free, library of recipes. This simple to use, must-have culinary gadget is cooking 2.0!
With the MEATER meat thermometer:

You have the freedom to cook meat to your personal preference while ensuring it is safe to eat.

– No more under or over cooked meat! You can achieve perfectly cooked meat every time.
– You can experiment with different types of fish and cuts of meat with confidence.
– Step away from the oven or grill! You can enjoy less time cooking / thinking about cooking, freeing up time to socialise, prep or simply relax.
– Save money – dual sensors monitor the cooking temperature making sure your expensive meat is never wasted ever again.


MEATER options:

The Original MEATER – The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. This meat probe, with dual temperature sensor, connects with Bluetooth mobile devices within 10 meters.

MEATER Plus – All of the bells and whistles of the original MEATER with an extended 50 meter wireless range. Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth repeater you can monitor your cook from a smartphone or tablet and receive cooking alerts while enjoying more freedom away from your BBQ, smoker or kitchen.

MEATER Block – Perfect for the cook and BBQ enthusiast, the MEATER Block stores and charges up to four MEATER Plus probes ready to cook and monitor four delicious meats or fish simultaneously. In addition to access to the MEATER app via Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth to Wi-Fi range extension), these probes also boast Standalone Mode – so if you don’t have Wi-Fi, no problem! A touch control screen allows you to cook easily, with built-in speakers providing audible notifications. MEATER Block also includes free, numbered probe clips.


MEATER has celebrated over ten million cooks from its users with numbers continuing to grow every day. Check out @MEATERmade, the possibilities are endless.

MEATER was developed to help meat lovers with different cooking skills achieve consistent results when frying or grilling. This fantastic gadget is a must-have for all cooking methods and preparation methods.


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