How to incorporate Dark Colours into your Bathroom Design

With monthly Google searches for ‘black showers’ reaching more than 5,000 and nearly 40,000 posts tagging #BlackBathroom on Instagram, it’s clear that the monochromatic look is a trend that isn’t waning. While using dark colours in the bathroom can create a daring design choice, it is possible to use these shades in a considered way to create a contemporary look with added interest.

dark bathroom

Ashley Cooper, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, shares his tips on incorporating dark hues in the bathroom:

A minimalist approach

dark bathroom

“A pared-back palette works well in a bathroom, as it creates a serene scheme that helps to ease you into the day – and indeed wind down in the evening. Introducing black accents, such as a framed shower screen or shower unit, will allow this minimalist scheme to shine, while adding an interesting contrast.

“By sticking with neutral colours throughout the rest of the room, and keeping accessories to a minimum, the shower can become the focal point, bringing attention to an otherwise understated space.

“Encompass this muted styling into shower space with a minimalist unit, such as Triton’s ENVi electric shower, that doesn’t infringe on the rest of the area. The joy of a product like this is that you can enjoy the energy and water saving benefits of an electric shower while maintaining a sleek aesthetic that is in tune with the rest of your bathroom.

Biophilic design

“Bringing natural elements into interior design is a big trend at the moment and can provide the perfect partner for bathroom styling that incorporates dark colours, helping to breathe life into the space. Complementing darker features such as a black shower and taps with organic elements like wood finishes and plants can create a balanced and relaxing atmosphere that provides the perfect environment for much-needed relaxation at the end of a busy day.

“When opting for bold fixtures and fittings, forest, sage and jewel-toned greens work well on surrounding walls and accessories to create a natural feeling.

Go bold

dark bathroom

“While there’s a lot to be said for a tranquil scheme in the bathroom, it is also a great place to experiment with colour and pattern. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different dark hues to add depth to the space. The versatile nature of colours such as black, maroons and dark blues means they can be combined to create varying moods into your bathroom scheme.

“Adding a pop of colour is another way of creating vibrancy in a monochrome bathroom – introduce a statement wall, such as sunshine or pastel hues, and combine with black and white tiling and a black shower kit for a statement aesthetic. The joy of this approach is that you can change the wall colour if your taste evolves, without the more permanent elements of your bathroom needing to change.

Pair with metallics

“Complementing black with metallic colours like silver, gold and copper can add a touch of glamour and create a luxurious looking space. Black is a dominant colour, so incorporating metallic accents through accessories such as mirrors, brassware and towel hooks can create harmonious balance.

“When using metallics in this way, ensure the scheme is consistent throughout the space – including your shower cubicle. Opt for a shower kit that continues your theme, such as Triton’s ENVi electric shower, which is available in copper and silver finishes, as well as black.


dark bathroom

“Lighting has an important part to play in any bathroom, however this is particularly crucial in dark interior schemes to prevent a room from feeling enclosed. The most effective way to do this is with a centre ceiling fixture, which will illuminate the whole bathroom.

“For increased ambience, add lighting sources across the wider room, such as wall-mounted fittings by a mirror, which will offer both style and substance.”

Triton offers a range showering solutions suitable for every need and budget. Triton Showers is the UK’s leading shower manufacturer. Established in 1975, the business has been at the forefront of providing customers with energy efficient electric and mixer showering products ever since.

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