A lot of people spend countless hours contemplating whether to go with vintage or modern décor for their home. Well, they needn’t fret about it any longer, since with the right game-plan, they can easily have both. Still, this doesn’t mean that mixing vintage and modern is an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of skill and careful planning, but here are few general tips that you may just find useful.

Parts of the Same Set

The best way to make this transition barely noticeable is to use modern items which belong to different eras to create a set. For example, there is nothing more stylish for your home office than a massive vintage desk, therefore, it would be a great idea to combine it with a stylish contemporary office chair. Another advantage you get out of this is the crossover between comfort and aesthetics, since modern day chairs are made to fit the anatomy of your back. This is especially useful for those who sit for more than several hours a day, which is pretty much everyone in this day and age.

Setting a Focal Point

Mixing Vintage and Modern in Home Décor

Another way to make your vintage piece both fit in and stand out is to turn it into a focal point. You see, sometimes disturbances in design are best hidden in the plain site. In this way you can further exploit the contrast by using a vintage item (usually extravagant) and making the rest of your home minimal. In this way, it will seem as if the ratio of antique and modern is 1:1. Put simply, in this way you are practically exploiting an optical illusion. The easiest way to do so is with one of those magnificent rugs from Hong Kong, since they cover a larger area instead of just occupying some space.

Adding Functionality

Sometimes, the mix of vintage and modern doesn’t happen out of sheer desire, but out of convenience. For example, why waste money on a brand new cupboard, when you have a perfectly fine vintage dresser you’re not using. Needless to say, this place can also serve as a TV stand or even a place where you can display some of your most prized belongings. All in all, a perfect model of how resourcefulness is the best trait of an interior designer.

Choose a Dominant Color

Mixing Vintage and Modern in Home Décor

You see, the age of elements is just one of the ways to classify them. Still, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the approach you take in your decorating efforts. Instead, you can decide to combine items because they are in the same color, even if they are not from the same epoch. Naturally, finding the same hues can be quite difficult, but the same thing cannot be said about colors that complement each other. Still, it would be wise to pick one color for all your vintage items and one for the contemporary ones, if nothing then to make the room easier on the eyes and make it chic.

Walls are in Your Mind

There is a reason why open plan homes are getting more and more popular by the hour. You see, walls are boundaries that are meant to be broken, which means you should never restrict this eclectic design to only one area of your home. Seeing how walls are supposed to separate parts of your home, by expanding your style beyond a single room, you can completely defeat their purpose and make it into a semi-open plan.

As you can see, combining vintage and modern is more of a mystical art than an exact science. Why? Well, simply because it allows you to breach the boundaries of time and space in order to create something truly majestic. Good luck and have fun!


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