Are you in need of new clothes?

Whether to spruce up their wardrobes, find an outfit for a special occasion, or simply enjoy themselves, people have turned to online stores for shopping.

Especially now, in the age of COVID-19, virtual shopping has become all the rage.

But many have questions, especially if they usually shop in person.

For instance, how do you tell if a piece of clothing will fit you or look good on you?

We’ll answer that and more in the 6 tips for online clothes shopping below.

online shopping

1. Know Your Size

And not just in terms of “Size 8” or “Size 10.”

Don’t get us wrong, that information is useful, too!

Yet, many stores use slightly different measurements. What’s medium at one shop might be large in another, and vice versa.

Fortunately, many websites offer sizing charts that break down their sizes by measurements of different body parts. Still, in these cases, you must know your measurements to know your size.

How do you get your measurements? Take a flexible measuring tape and follow the instructions on the sizing chart.

2. Keep a List of Your Sizes at Different Stores

Once you’ve learned your size, jot it down.

Keep a running list of your sizes at different companies on your phone. That way, you won’t have to re-measure yourself every time.

3. Look at Reviews

This accomplishes several key objectives.

First, reviews are left by people who have purchased and tried the product. They can tell you whether or not other clients loved the piece.

Sometimes, people even upload photos of the garment. This allows you to see it in a more realistic light. Sometimes, products look different in real life than they do on the site, and looking at these photos gives you the opportunity to see the difference.

Clients also sometimes note if the product runs big or small, so they can help you gauge the sizing.

4. Check the Return Policy

Not all policies are created equal.

In fact, some stores have very short windows of time in which you can return a garment. Make sure you are confident with both your purchase and the return policy before you buy.

5. Take Note of Online Clothes Shopping Deals

Want to know how to get the best clothes for the best price?

Keep your eye out for deals! Often, brands will post sales on their websites and social media platforms.

6. Get on the Email List

Want to be the first to learn of deals?

When you get on an email list, the store will send you updates on their sales and possibly even coupons.

Don’t know where to shop? Try Honey & Fig Boutique!

Want More Fashion Advice?

We get it: you want to look good. And during COVID-19, there’s no safer way to look good than to participate in online clothes shopping.

Learning how to most effectively online shop, however, will help you make sure you get the most out of every store you visit. Following these tips can assist you in finding the clothes and deals you need!

For more fashion advice, check out the rest of our articles!


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