Cosmic Kids founder Jaime Amor, who gets millions of children across the world moving every week, has created a series of tools for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 that runs from February 6 – 12.

The initiative is part of Cosmic Kids ongoing strategy to inspire children to get moving for mental health and wellbeing with fun and engaging sessions. Close to 50 million hours of Cosmic Kids videos have been viewed in 10 years.

Cosmic Kids has created a 5 Part video series created to run across the week to help teach children useful positive techniques to boost emotional wellbeing. Alongside the video series, Amor will also visit schools up and down the country across the week. A free ‘Mental Health Superpowers Cut-Out-and-Keep’ bundle has also been created for all parents and primary teachers featuring bite-sized brain snacks designed to nourish little ones’ mental health.

Dubbed the ‘modern-day Mary Poppins”, Amor supporters include Barack Obama, the Kardashians, Paul McCartney and the European Space Agency ( Amor recently worked with the female commander of the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti doing Yoga in Space).

Over the last 10 years, Amor has provided a range of mental and physical health content for kids. Cosmic Kids is now used in over 250,000 schools across the globe and is watched by 3.5 million kids each week becoming the world’s leading kids yoga and mindfulness brand.

This year’s Children’s Mental Health theme will be Let’s Connect. It is about making meaningful connections. People thrive in communities, and this connection is vital for our wellbeing. Healthy connections to family, friends and others support mental health and our sense of wellbeing.

Jaime Amor

Jaime has created a 5 part video series which launches today. A new fun video will be launched every day, each focussing on a different aspect of positive wellbeing. Each video in the series will start with Jaime helping the kids understand what mental health is and how it is relevant. Followed by an easy, fun and practical tool they can try based on visualisation, movement, relaxation, affirmation and breathing. The videos will encourage children to connect with others in healthy, rewarding and meaningful ways. By engaging with Jaime’s Cosmic Kids, children develop important skills.

Children don’t see Jaime as delivering educational messages which can result in improved physical and mental good health. They love the fun and the jeopardy in the adventures in which Jaime plays every role, and let her know which new characters or films they would like to see explored through yoga.

According to Jaime, who feels a deep sense of responsibility to children, the physical and mental health, the very nature of sitting quietly with their thoughts, help kids to not just process tricky emotions, but also to identify them in the first place.

Jaime commented,

“ Kids need space sometimes to process their emotions, build awareness, and get to know themselves. Teaching kids empathy and putting yourself in other people’s shoes is so valuable, and understanding that feelings come in all shapes and sizes is so important. Cosmic Kids is all about the kids interacting with both stories and movement. Essentially the story becomes a practice ground for kids to experience challenging situations in a visceral way. For example when we’re exploring a shipwreck and trying to open a locked treasure chest with Squish the Fish and he decides to leave us to go find some help, we have the opportunity to notice the feelings when we’re suddenly alone in an unfamiliar place! Maybe we’re afraid, a bit worried, maybe we’re nervous, etc. We take a moment to look at our feelings, name them, then we give some tools a go…rubbing our ear lobes helps us reduce stress. We close our eyes and ‘anchor’ to our happy place. We take a few Darth Vader breaths to clear our mind and find calm!”

Through her videos, Amor seeks to develop children’s resilience, help them recognise their emotions and enable them to deal with challenges. She speaks directly to the child, building up their repertoire of yoga poses, increasing strength, flexibility and stamina, helping them become more self-aware and reach a calm equilibrium. “Everyone can get involved, everyone belongs.”

The benefits to mental and physical health are vast, 99% of parents see a positive change in their kids’ physical and mental health since using Cosmic Kids. Cosmic Kids Yoga more than anything is fun and a massive mood-booster. Amor’s sessions also boost concentration, reduce stress, help kids positively recognise emotion, centre the mind, improve self regulation and coordination and boost self esteem.

Jaime commented,

“At Cosmic Kids we package mental and physical development tools in a wrapper of fun and imagination, so they never feel like heavy, serious, laboured ’techniques’. The point is to make them accessible to kids and relevant, so they understand where they could be useful in their own lives. My motto has always been that the kids have to LOVE it! That’s the only way it will work! Most importantly, children have so much fun doing Cosmic Kids Yoga their laughter and screams of joy during their sessions is so necessary!”

When kids start using mental health tools early, they become second nature. They are just that little bit more aware when big feelings come along. We’re not talking about big interventions here…we’re talking about learning to notice your thoughts sometimes. Taking a few deep breaths to clear your mind and find a bit of calm. Or closing your eyes to imagine the place where you feel amazing!”

The Cosmic Kids video series for Children’s Mental Health Week will begin on 6th of February 2023. They are can be viewed here.


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