If you’ve ever traveled with your kids, you certainly know how exhausting and challenging that experience could be. Traveling itself is sometimes hard until you reach your destination and start relaxing, but when you have young children, it can be hard to relax. That is why many parents find different ways to keep their children occupied when they’re on the road so they can have a more relaxed vacation. When children are busy and doing something they enjoy, they’re happier, calmer, and more satisfied. Whether you’re going to a far destination or choosing a road trip as your new adventure, there are proven ways to help you all have a more enjoyable vacation.

Write a travel journal

Memories are the most important part of any travel, especially if there are children involved. If you want to keep them occupied and entertained, and also teach them something, this is the best way to include them. Let them share their sightseeing impressions and describe how they experienced a place you visited, and allow them to draw pictures that represent the most memorable attractions. Give them different tasks to collect certain things, tell them to write what they saw, and turn this activity into a family tradition you’re going to repeat again and again. Just imagine going through these diaries when they get older and revisiting some of the best memories you’ve ever had together!

Scavenger hunt

If you want to make things interesting and encourage your kids to learn something new in an interesting way, turn your sightseeing tour into a scavenger hunt. Before you go on your trip, explore all the destinations you want to visit and print out photos of them. Give these photos to your children and let them recognize every attraction once you arrived. You’ll be amazed how little things like this can be educational, keep your kids occupied, and also let them enjoy the vacation more than ever.

Go sightseeing

Children like visiting new and interesting places, especially if you go to a place far from your home and visit a country with a culture much different than yours. If you want to plan an interesting vacation, think about European destinations that will be interesting for the whole family and you can enjoy meeting new people, visiting new places, and learning about cultural diversity. The Mediterranean region is very popular and cool, and all those interesting events and attractions in Montenegro will be fun to visit and enjoy, so think about going there. There are many things to see and do, and planning your schedule in advance will allow you to always have something to do.

Use technology

Based on your children’s age, there are many technological advances that you can use to keep them busy. One of the most common ideas all parents like to use is an app made specifically for the place they’re visiting. Children can listen to interesting facts about the location, learn something about its history, and get to know why that place is so popular. They’ll always want to do something interesting so allowing them to learn something new will make them feel special and they’ll enjoy this activity to the fullest.

Bring old-fashioned games

Sometimes turning to old-fashioned ways of fun is all you’ll need to keep kids occupied and entertained. There are many games you can opt for, so talk to your kids before the trip and figure out what they’re going to enjoy the most. Organize game nights to see what their favorite games are so you don’t have to bring all of them if you don’t plan on using them. These are perfect if you have free time and need to wait in line at the airport, when you’re waiting in a restaurant, or when you’re taking a break from sightseeing. You’ll also show them how to have fun away from the screen and how they can still enjoy playing board games. This is great for family bonding so find something that all the members of your family will enjoy playing.


Traveling with children can be fun if you plan it and think about how to keep children occupied and entertained at all times. Allow them to be included in different activities things and use every opportunity to teach them something new and interesting. 


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